March 28, 2011

Obama’s end-game…

While, many if not most, political reporters are confused by many of Obama’s actions, fearing they would hurt Obama’s re-election goals. Their underlying assumption, which I see mainly as their ‘projection’, is that Obama WANTS to be re-elected, because they would. I believe this is totally false, and here’s why:

Personal motivations:
Mr. Obama wants to be #1, the first, and of ‘historic’ proportions. His crown jewel, in his own mind, is his ‘historic’ health care bill. He also attaches the adjective ‘historic’ to many of his other self-proclaimed accomplishments.
Now what’s historic about being re-elected? It’s like watching a re-run!

So what’s his next objective?
After trashing America’s reputation, destroying great chunks of our economy, invading into our private lives in a ‘historic’ way, what’s the next BIG step on his egomaniacal agenda?

President of the United Nations.

If you want to re-distribute wealth & power┬╣ on an international basis here’s where to start.

One slight problem:
The UN has a major image problem; nothing Obama can’t handle.

Current negative views of the UN center on 2 main points:
1. The UN is a Tiger without Teeth.
2. The UN is Irrelevant.

So before he runs for UN President
1. He needs to put the teeth back in.
2. He needs to make the UN relevant.

Putting the teeth back in…
On Dec. 17, 2009, only 11 months after inauguration
President Barack Obama signed an executive order Giving Interpol higher powers than US government agencies. Basically anything Interpol does is hidden even from an FBI probe!

The strike on Libya, over time will be remembered as the UN’s action.
The importance of our military will be forgotten, especially if Obama spins it as he seems to be planning…

Making the UN relevant…
With all the chaos in the middle east, the UN is poised for a major PR victory.
Obama, with a press conference, will certainly spin this message.

Just my thoughts;
What do you think?

┬╣ see my blog entry: Understanding Wealth Re-Distribution

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  1. I do believe that he would like to rule us until he dies, and since he wouldn’t be able to do that as president after two terms, he is looking toward running the UN. However, I think he might like a second term to continue to work at weakening our standing in the world before he moves on.
    That’s just one reason that we should get out of the UN… most of them hate us.

    Comment by Denise — March 29, 2011 @ 10:07 am

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