December 11, 2010

Counting Respect

- This is NOT about the political issues it is about human respect and decency. When we respect an Individual we call them by their first name or perhaps full name like Sharon Angle.

If they are in public office we respect their office by using their Title
in addition to their first & last name, in this case Senator Harry Reid.

Event: Nevada Senate Debate Thursday,
October 14, 2010 Las Vegas, NV : 56 min.

The PBS host was Mitch Fox

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D)
faced challenger Republican Sharron Angle in a debate held in Las Vegas.
This is the only scheduled debate between the two candidates.

The Format was 2 min. Opening Statement
Questions, 1 min response, 30 sec. rebuttal
Closing Statements 1 min.

Throughout the event here are the counts of various personal pronouns:

BY: Sharron Angle – Sen. Harry Reid
Use of First names: . 9 - 0
Use of full names: . . 12 - 0
Use of ‘Title’ . . . . . . 17 - 0

Use of
Moderator’s 1st name: . 0 - 13

Use of ‘My opponent’ . . 1 - 11

Those are the numbers, you draw your own conclusions…

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