July 2, 2010

Solid floor boards…

In 1991 I was stopping for a traffic light. When I took my foot off the brake petal to rest it on the floor – it went thru, right down to the pavement! At this point, the car was 27 years old, and I had pushed it beyond all reasonable limits. So, I finally agreed to sell it to my local service station, who handled used cars as a side business. I sold it, figuring it would be scrapped for parts, and I moved on to a newer car.

About a month later, while driving home past a small used car lot, I noticed that my old car was there on the lot right up front. Surprised but always curious, I stopped and went up to the dealer. I told him I was looking for a reliable used car. As we walked out to the lot, I expressed an interest in the grey Volvo in the front line (formally mine). He immediately announced that it has a solid floor plate! Now why of the hundreds of features he might have mentioned, did he mention the strength of the floor board? He knew it had a hole in the floor plate.

Enter Psychology 101.
I would later learn over the years that this was not unique, but a frequent expression of guilt when lying. When people know that what they are about to say is false, they often, subconsciously, telegraph to us that they are about to lie. I say subconsciously because if they realized they were doing it they would stop immediately.

Let’s look at some more recent examples:
Let me make it clear…
. followed by an attempt to confuse.
Let me make it very clear…
. . followed by an attempt to confuse, and a blatant lie.
Let me make it fully & completely clear…
. . . followed by a HUGE lie.

Have you ever seen or heard this?


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