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ILP - Individual Learning Plan

A Learner's Declaration of Independence

Over & above test scores, I believe our most serious educational exposure is very simply - our youth, tomorrows leaders, have dropped out! Some physically, some mentally, and most psychologically. They no longer believe the educational system has their interests at heart an so they have, legitimately, turned their backs on us.

We cannot succeed, or even survive, without them!

My proposal to re-engage them is:

ILP - Individual Learning Plan

The goal of every class or tutoring session is that the student/learner learn something. If, for whatever reason, that doesn't happen the learner goes forward into life less prepared for their Individual life.

Teachers may be upset, parents outraged, principals lose funding, school boards and even politicians disappointed but it is the student/learner and only the learner who suffers the most profound damage, loss of needed Knowledge, damage which could potentially last a lifetime.

And that learner is a crucial part of our democracy!
If he/she fails, we ALL fail.
Our nation can be no stronger than the Individuals that make it up.

Over the past 50+ years, thousands of 'professional educators' (teachers, principals, school boards, politicians and a host of academics) have forced hundreds of academic schemes on our children and current test scores indicate students in the United States now score LOWER in the critical life skills of reading, writing, & mathematical skills than they were decades ago.

Current Context:
We are now in a time of severe assault on our nation, our values & principles. This assault is not a war of planes, ships, & tanks, but an idea to idea clash - Individual to Individual. I see 2 main threats today: Radical Islamists, and Communists. I believe that when the Berlin wall came down in 1989, Communism did not go away, it simply went underground. Vladimir Putin, today, is as committed as Gorbachev ever was to destroying America from within.

This is not an academic exercise.
The Radical Islamists have sworn to kill us and enforce Sharia law on us.

They truly mean it.

The Communists have vowed to destroy America from the inside, enabling them to take over our government, owning both our current wealth and the means of creating future wealth, and they have achieved about 90% of their goals. The liberal media, and most of academia, have already fallen victim to their manipulation, irrational and wishful thinking attacks. They have become what Lenin used to call 'useful idiots'. They cannot nor will not help us. They teach us to be sheep, to follow anyone anywhere without asking Why.

They truly mean it.

What can we do to both help our children/citizens and defend our nation against 2 very real threats?

My proposal to re-engage them is:

ILP - Individual Learning Plan

What is an ILP?
Briefly, it is a document, since 2010 2 documents, that a learner creates which is his/her plan for how to learn a specific subject or topic that they choose to learn about.

How does it differ from the traditional IEP?
The traditional IEP (Individual Educational Plan) was created to document What the educational establishment, (teachers, principal, administration, guidance counselor, & parents) want in terms of an individual student's knowledge and/or behaviors and also How to measure that achievement.

The student in this process is typically a passive pawn; s/he has little to no desire to work towards this enforced goal.

With the ILP the learner:
Why an ILP?
Who are ILPs designed for?
IEP's are reserved for students who are either way behind the academic bell curve, often labelled special ed students; and also for students way ahead of the academic bell curve, often labelled 'gifted'.

ILP's are absolutely for every Individual on the planet!

What is an ILP - in Detail?

An ILP is created to document:
  1. What the learner wants to master in terms of:
    1. Personal Passion - What uniquely drives this unique learner?
    2. Societal Context - What does the Individual feel is needed in his/her personal community?
  2. How much of each specific topic the learner wants to learn. (Including NON-Goals)
  3. Metrics - How the learner will measure if they have achieved what they sought.
  4. How he/she will go about learning & mastering it. (Style issues)
Who loves/hates the ILP?
Home school parents & children LOVE it. They've actually been doing it for decades, with no formal name for it, or guidelines for making it more effective.

Traditional hierarchical, control oriented schools HATE it -
"How dare students have Individual Needs, Wants & Preferences".

Author School System Individual Learner
Purposes Educational System Goals Learner's Goals
Status Legal Document Personal Sanity Document
For Whom? Certain students Everyone!
Structure Goals & Metrics Goals & Metrics
Process The IEP Meeting¹ Personal Sessions
Results The IEP Document¹ The ILP Document²
Metric Test Knowledge Test Capability
¹ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individualized_Education_Program

² ILP Templates

I will provide templates, guidelines, and assistance in developing effective ILPs (Individual Learning Plans) for all individuals. These are based on the accumulative best of many, many Individual efforts. However they are only guidelines, the ultimate choice of what to include and what to exclude is up to the Individual creating the plan.

Since 2010 I split the ILP into 2 types of support documents:

  1. ILP Topic Templates
    You create one of these for every new learning experience you desire.
    These examples are being upgraded and will be available soon.

  2. ILP Learner Templates
    You only need to create 1 of these, for yourself, but you will modify it over time as you become more & more sensitive to your learning Strengths, Weaknesses, Preferences, and developing Coping Strategies.
    These examples are being upgraded and will be available soon.

Implementation Sites:

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How can you help?

Comments: Questions, examples, etc.

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